Kitty Krew - Still Dead.
What the fuck is this?
Once upon a time, there was a group of enormous gayboys called the Kitty Krew.
I, your loyal narrator, happened to be one of those gayboys.
Over the years I got bummed that the Kitty Krew was doomed to obscurity so this is it's eulogy.
Who started the KittyKrew?
That's...a complicated question.
See, the mascot of the KK was a NewGrounds user called BigFuzzyKitten(BFK).
A lot of people thought he was a guy named Kes (also a member) but that fact is lost to time.
Okay, well, what happened to the Kitty Krew?
That's also a complicated question.
A lot of people credit the groups downfall to in-fighting, and that's partly true...
...but that's not the whole thing. The biggest thing that killed the KK was the continual loss of domain names.
That, coupled with the fact that the original members decided to leave, caused the group to hemorrhage members.
So, like an over-used asshole, the Kitty Krew collapsed.
Eventually, Chewy took over administrating the sites.
Some shit happened, I don't remember, but eventually the group split.
It was confusing, and happened years ago.
Clock-Ninja kept posting "child models" everywhere, it was a mess.
Wait, you guys were fucking pedos?!
Nah, not really.
There were a couple of members that were sick fucks, but mostly we were just kids.
Some of us still exist on NewGrounds under different names, etc.
Like I said, it's fucking confusing.
Notable Members
People who administrated at some point are noted in red.
People who were mods are noted in green.
People who were normal member or I can't fucking remember are noted in orange.
Chewy2007fuck you chewy
Magyar/Green Kitten
111122223188 (Numbers)
...and a fuck ton more. At the height of activity, the KK had a minimum 100 members.
That being said, I've definitely forgotten people.

It bares mentioning that there was this one guy named Crebz. He was like an enemy of the site or something.
I don't know exactly what the fuck his deal was, but he was some sort of swedish hacker that would dox members.
Fuck, for all I know he could have been Kes too.
That's....really fucking gay.
Yep, it sure is, and the constant flow of pictures of gaping assholes and mutilated cocks didn't help.
There was a ton of weird shit that happened, but to a herd of adolescent/teenage shitbags it was too much fun.
You can still find a bunch of the retarded animations we made on the KittyKrew's NG account.
If any of you cucks want to reminesce, visit the KittenKorner to share your equally stupid stories.
How many domains did the Kitty Krew have?
Fuck dude. I don't know. A lot?
There was,,, the InvisionFree Board (FUCKING RIP), and this one.
I believe the .net was the original, but I could be wrong.
There were a bunch of others and branches that broke from the main ones, but those aren't super important.
So...who are you?
Oh FUCK OFF. Like it even matters.
I'm nobody worth remembering, much less mentioning on this page.
But I had some good memories with these faggots, so that's my eulogy.